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I'll be vending at the Together Festival on April 7, in Central Square, Cambridge, Mass. I've got a bunch of new ear cuff styles made up, and I'll have Cake & Robots cards and stickers, too (along with the usual assortment of other jewelry).

Also on April 7, I have a new-to-me kind of art project due: repainting and otherwise adorning a newspaper box. It has been something of a trial, to be honest; I've done little work with metal like this, NO work PAINTING metal, I NEVER EVER EVER want to handle oil paint AGAIN, but on the plus side, I have a bunch of paint pens now! They are awesome.

A little more on some of those things here:… .
I'm not likely to update this thing much, or in any kind of great depth. We'll see.

If you want to see things I have written in the past (and the place I'm most likely to post long, process-oriented stuff), you can check out my primary blog, The Feather Forge.